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by FAA  Certified Drone Pilot

About Us :

Our Equipment



Our fleet of DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus Drones are capable of taking 4K high resolution video, as well as 3840 x 2160 resolution still photographs, all from a single flyover.

Our drones can shoot videos and stills from slightly above ground level to heights of 400 feet with a range of 3 miles. Flight time is approximately 27 minutes per battery. Spare batteries can extend this flight time to meet your needs. 

The Phantom 4 Pro Plus has Gimble Camera stabilization producing crisp, clear, stable video and images that rival those taken from a tripod.



Because each assignment is unique, custom pricing and packages can be tailored to fit your budget. Basic pricing includes a 48-hour turnaround time for photos or 1-3 Min. Edited video.

 Please Note: FAA limits Drone flights to 3-5 mile radius around airports as a ‘’no-fly-zone” also a maximum altitude of 400ft. our Flights are usually photographed between 50ft - 250ft. We want to work with you to deliver the aerial looks you need. Gulf Coast Drone Services accepts credit cards (thru PayPal), checks, cash and Zelle though your bank.. (based on 20 Mile radius.)


Pricing is for a single site visit



10 Single   Still Drone Photos



5 Single   Still Drone Photos INCLUDES 1-3Min. Edited Video 


Our Photographers



We are trained drone pilots, licensed by the FAA.

Seeing video shot by a drone from 200 or 300 feet overhead gives life at street level a whole new perspective. 

There is an exciting challenge of editing the video by splicing in special effects and choosing only a few minutes of the video.

The uses for drones are endless: 

· conducting roof inspections including before, during, and after a repair; 

· monitoring construction progress to create a record of how and what was done;

· providing homeowners and business owners a view of their property and the surrounding neighborhood before a purchase or after a storm; 

· doing surveys of boundaries; 

· inspecting cell towers, wind turbines, power lines, transmission towers; and 

· assisting in crop management to help identify problem areas.

Using different mapping techniques, the drone footage can spot erosion issues or inspect the integrity of the building and the roof. 

The impressive videos and stills taken by a drone flyover can be used by real estate agents for visually stimulating presentations. Any property can look like paradise from the air.

Business owners can stand out from their competition by using drone footage in branding their company to create a vision of what they truly represent.

Drones get the work done without climbing a ladder or renting a helicopter. They keep costs down while providing a perspective that other methods cannot duplicate. Drones can provide live footage during the flyover as well as recording the flight for later viewing.

Why Us?



We are a Mom and Pop business that goes to great lengths to meet and exceed your expectations. Word of mouth is the best advertising tool of all.

We can be reached by email or phone and respond promptly to messages left for us. We schedule flyovers promptly and quickly supply the edited or unedited footage to you electronically.

Choose a high tech drone flyover as the safest and most cost effective alternative for your needs. We can provide a variety of services, whether live or recorded footage, to satisfy you. 



· NEW CONSTRUCTION: Get video progress reports of the construction as often as you’d like.

· BEFORE STORM INSURANCE SURVEY: Video evidence of the state of your undamaged property.

· AFTER STORM ASSESSMENT: Determine if repairs are needed to buildings or property.

· BUILDING MAINTENANCE: Do a quarterly or annual review of the roof and structure.

· BUYING/SELLING PROPERTY: Get aerial views of the neighborhood and adjoining property


· COMPANY BRANDING: Add video to your website to promote your business.

· SURVEILLANCE: Ensure property boundaries are secure.

· CROP MANAGEMENT: Monitor progress, evaluate erosion, and assess storm/animal/insect damage.


Drone House Build Video

Fly Over

Burnt House   &  Commercial Fly Over

Sunset by Drone Video

Check out this Sunset  by Drone video

Video of Roof Replacement

From Damaged Roof to  Full Roofing Replacement

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